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EENOUR Solar Panel EB-200P


18V/36V Switchable & 200W Output

As the latest technology in the industry, the output voltage of the 200-watt solar panel can be switched between 18V and 36V, and the functionality has been improved compared to solar panels on the market that only have 18V. Moreover, solar panels support series/parallel connection.

Compatible with Power Stations

There is a built-in MC4 cable, the versatile 200W solar panel is widely compatible with most solar generators on the market, working well with power stations of Jackery, EF Ecoflow, Bluetti, and is especially great with the EENOUR P2001 (it's selling on Amazon EENOUR Direct Store). The built-in MPPT solar charge controller can help it charge with the highest efficiency, perfect for outdoor, camping, RV, van, and off-grid solar power generation.

Foldable & Adjustable Kickstands

This panel provides 200 Watts of solar and can be folded down to a quarter of its full size, only weight 11.7lb, very easy to carry. Each of the panels is with an adjustable kickstand and can be placed firmly on any surface ground. Multiple loops around the edges of the solar panel to accommodate a variety of mounting configurations like off the side of a truck or on a rope.